NOS-TESS-The Apricot Memoirs

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The Apricot Memoirs‚ is een mix van lieve gedichtjes, happiness en kleurrijke regenbogen, geschreven door de getalenteerde Australische Tess Guinery. Ga mee op avontuur en droom weg bij zoete gedichtjes waarin liefde, passie en dromen centraal staan. Tes


“Women are beginning to speak in so many ways, but one of the most exciting moments for me personally is when they sing in the sound of poetry and creative prose. Tess Guinery's language and form are reminiscent of R.M. Rilke and Nayyirah Waheed, and she is distinguishing herself through a voice that continuously pours contemplation in an unhurried and hopeful stream. The Apricot Memoirs as a collection is like a psaltry for the dreamer within us, and its hard to read these pages without feeling close to the woman herself. Guinery has taken her gaze for design and transformed the seeing eye into the eloquent pen. I’m excited for women everywhere to benefit from a writer who is like the wise older sister we all wished we had. Maybe we still do. Teresa Archer, Managing Editor at Darling Magazine.


Auteur: Teresa Archer
Uitgever: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Taal: Engels
Bindwijze: Paper back
verschindatum: April 2020
Omvang: 224 pagina
Illustarie: nee

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